Android Developer

We are looking to hire a skilled Android Developers to build and maintain applications for our clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming
  • Understand reactive programming pattern and different between each specific observable type (RxJava 3, RxKotlin, and RxAndroid)
  • Fully understand dependency injection.
  • Write clean, well-designed code and follow industry best practices.
  • Strong willingness to adapt to changes and learn new technologies.


  • Design | Build | Test | Deploy new and enhanced mobile apps & services.
  • Work collaboratively with other SCRUM team members (e.g. server-side developers | web developers) to effectively deliver mobile experiences
  • Work with a variety of APIs to access critical data for integration
  • Work closely with the QA resources to test, troubleshoot, resolve, and release production applications.

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