Angular Developer

Basic Skill Set Angular Developers Must Have:

As software developers, angular developers also start from junior-level and move upward to mid and senior-level.

BThe basic skills junior-level angular developers must have:

  • Understanding of Angular and AngularJS modules and practices
  • Be able to develop testable, self-contained, and reusable components and modules
  • Good understanding of HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Be able to develop to offer SEO-related solutions for Single-Page application
  • Developing a dependency chain with regards to file system and application logic
  • Complete knowledge of proxies, API, database, caching layer, duties of the platform and other web services.

Skills Mid and Senior-level Angular developers must possess:

  • Offering receptive feedbacks and authorizing user actions
  • Using progressive techniques like RxJs Observables and creating non-blocking codes
  • Good understanding of JS and CSS methods to keep the frame rate more than 30fps and offer effective visual effects
  • Ability to use APIs (file readers, storages, geo location, Indexed DB, canvas, and workers)
  • Knowledge of REST architecture
  • Understanding of TypeScript features (unions, decorators, enums, generic types, etc.)
  • Developing general use modules and components to expand modules and elements of core Angular

Roles And Responsibilities Of Angular Developers

The common duties of an angular developer include:

  • Working with CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Unit testing
  • Frontend development
  • APIs and external data sources
  • Permanent learning
  • RESTful APIs development
  • Bug fixing

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