Globoosft is a top-rated Ionic application development company in Purnea, Bihar, powering some of the fast-growing start-ups to realize their dreams.
Ionic is a very popular open-source cross-platform mobile development technology stack used for highly interactive hybrid mobile apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. The initial version was built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova but the more recent releases, known as Ionic 3 or simply ‘Ionic’ is built on Angular. Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps, which are then distributed through native app stores to be installed on devices.
The software uses Cordova plugins to gain access to host operating system’s features such as Camera, GPS, Flashlight, etc. enabling developers in Ionic application development companies to build apps that can then be customized for Android, iOS, Windows, or modern browsers. Ionic’s main focus is on the look and feel, and UI interaction of mobile apps built using the software.
Being the best Ionic application development company in the Purnea, the tech-savvy experts at Digital India Business build hybrid applications including native functionalities, exhaustive gestures, and customizable tools to enhance user-friendliness. The main advantage of Ionic is the simplicity that comes with developing an app once, rather than multiple times for separate devices. The functionalities of its framework also enable the development to be fast and cost-efficient while reducing the need for maintenance.

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Swift advancements in technology have ushered in an era that is rapidly changing, adopting and inventing newer and better ways to do things. As more and more people are now using mobile for everything from their daily calendars to making online purchases, Digital India Business, as an Ionic application development company, realizes the need for quick and efficient ways to develop mobile apps which provides a consistent look and feel across different mobile platforms.

Key Features of IONIC

  • Rapid App Development As there’s no need to writes codes from the scratch on Ionic; developers can build apps at a much faster pace.
  • Hybrid App Development With Ionic, developers can build apps that have the native feel and can then be customized for Android, iOS, Windows, or modern browsers.
  • Default UI Besides regular elements like buttons and navigation, it also includes form inputs, lists, cards, sliding boxes and many more.
  • Cost Effective Since Ionic eliminates the need to build apps separately for the different native app stores, customers can cut down on development costs.
  • Community Support Ionic framework is well documented and has a huge and active community online who can help you work around any issues you face while using the software.
  • Easy Testing Testing is crucial for app development and with Ionic, developers can test in apps easily on a desktop or mobile browser or a simulator.
  • Feature-rich Features of Ionic include typography, mobile components, an extensible base theme, and interactive paradigms.
  • ES6 Supported Browser support is an important aspect in the case of hybrid mobile apps and ES6 allows developers to run an application on any browser regardless of compatibility.

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