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React, a framework that’s built on top of JavaScript, enables developers shared tools to build heavily complex, high-performance user interfaces and scalable web applications. React Native makes use of the React framework but allows for work on mobile apps. What’s catchy about React is when you compose a single app in React Native, you will be catered with both an iOS app and an Android app. It’s our native app technology of choice.

With React.js, you can build modern and beautiful-looking user interfaces React.js development means:

  • Versatility.
  • High performance.
  • Speed

React is selected as the most sought-after and fully-actualized JavaScript framework as per a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, with more than one third of all those who took the survey admitted of using.

With its exemplary performance, minuscule size, speckless documentation, lively community and the backing of some of the biggest technological companies in the world, including Facebook.

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React found itself in great demand in both web and mobile software development. React makes a perfect solution when you need to develop a Single Page Application with an attractive and user-friendly user interfaces. In accordance with the isomorphic app logic, you can reuse most of the client-side code to render it on the server side when using React development. Keeping in mind that SPAs are currently not only a hot trend but simply one of web development standards, it’s great news for those who decide to use ReactJS. Thanks to a framework called React Native, you can also use React to develop hybrid mobile apps. Of course, a proper tool is only one thing and to build a mobile app you also need to have the whole mobile dev know-how.

React Native

A modern framework for native app development.

React Native is a mobile Javascript framework that uses a unique bridge to allow developers to leverage native code alongside Javascript and React code. This special implementation which was designed and is maintained by the team at Facebook, provides substantial development advantages alongside highly performant native look and feel interface components.

Our front end developers work in React for web application development, and React Native for mobile application development. We’ve built React Native apps for many clients who put forwarded wide range of requirements, that comprise building mobile apps that connect back to an existing API, standalone Android and iOS apps, and cross-platform mobile apps that function alongside responsive web applications. One of our recent React Native apps had 15k installs in the first 30 days, and 118k media assets managed in that same time period.

Since 2016, we have been creating apps using React Native and it now has grown to be our team’s one of the favorite framework to work in and for mobile app development. No matter if we aim to create a single platform or form factor such as an iPad app or building a cross-platform Andoid and iOS application, React Native is a trustworthy tool for certain.

React Native, an open source framework was crafted and maintained by Facebook. React Native’s key benefits are: allows developers to use the idioms and tools of React, provides flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and help build native mobile applications. React Native is different from other cross-platform development options, mainly because the former uses native platform-specific interface components, which give apps a natural look and feel and great performance. React Native also allows developers to make changes and optimizations in the platform-native code, or to write whole components in Swift, Java, or Objective-C as needed.

The distinction lies between React Native other tools when we regard a development perspective; like React, it is declarative and component-based, React Native code is extremely readable when it’s coupled with our recommended tools like Redux and Sagas. As it uses JavaScript, one of the most commonly used web languages, it is also a framework easily accessible to developers throughout the world.

React Native reduces duplication of code and improves maintainability and scalability for cross-platform applications by allowing for the re-use of most styling and all of the business logic needed for iOS and Android apps. A number of high-profile apps use React Native, including Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Skype, Salesforce, Baidu, and Soundcloud.

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